What Foods Are Cockapoo Dogs Allergic Too

  • By: Kirsty Lunn
  • Date: October 8, 2021
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Cockapoos are known for having allergies to many different foods, including wheat, soy and tapioca. The best way to avoid these allergies is by feeding your dog a diet of organic, natural and grain-free products that will not make them sick or give them any adverse reactions. Be careful when choosing which food you feed your pup!

The following article provides information on the most common allergens found in cockapoo’s diets so that you can be more aware of what they may have an allergy to.

What Foods Are Cockapoo Dogs Allergic Too?

You may be wondering what you can feed for your pup that will not cause any problems or adverse reactions. While there are many allergies a cockapoo could have, it is important to realise which foods they are allergic to. The following are the most common allergens found in cockapoos:









Whilst these foods are the most common allergens, there can be many many more to be aware of. It is not uncommon for cockapoos to have sensitive stomach’s and problems with digestion.

How do I know if my cockapoo has allergies?

Some of the common signs of allergies include:

  • Itchy skin and scratching
  • Licking (any body part but especially feet)
  • Red Skin
  • Loss of fur
  • Recurrent skin and ear infections
  • Sickness and Diarrhea

How can I help my cockapoo with their allergies?

It is a lot of trial and error and it can be really difficult to figure out exactly what your dog is allergic to so be prepared to try a few different things!

There are however many things that can be done to help your cockapoo with their allergies.

Looking out for when they are displaying signs and symptoms of allergies such as itching and licking, and thinking about what foods they have eaten that could have contributed to this can help, and keeping a food diary so that you can spot any reoccurring patterns can help identify the particular types of foods your dog could be allergic to.

Changing your dogs diet to an hypoallergenic food or an organic diet can help but be careful of switching from one food to another, this should be a gradual process introducing small portions of the new food and gradually increasing as a straight swap can cause your dog to have tummy problems.

Reducing the amount of human food and ‘scraps’ that you give to your dog can help dogs with allergies. If you are going to give them some human food, make sure it is food that you are absolutely certain they’re not allergic to and that they do not display allergic symptoms when they eat.

If your dog has allergies to meat or grains for example, it is not just their food that you need to be careful of, it’s the treats too. Hypoallergenic treats or just feeding them bits of their food as treats should be an option for dogs with allergies.

If you are really struggling with all of the above and you just cannot figure out what foods your dog is allergic to then you can have allergy tests done at the vets which should help identify exactly what your dog is allergic to. These tests can be expensive but can save a lot of time and trial and error trying to figure it out for yourself.

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