Easy DIY Dog Toys for Cockapoos

  • By: Kirsty Lunn
  • Date: October 18, 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.

1. Introduction to Cockapoos

The enchanting Cockapoo, a delightful blend of the affectionate Cocker Spaniel and the clever Poodle, stands as one of the most beloved crossbreeds. With their curly coats and heartwarming eyes, these fur companions have a knack for capturing hearts.

Their spirited nature requires not just love, but also engagement through toys and accessories. But, what if you could craft these at home? Let’s explore this avenue!

2. The Need for DIY Cockapoo Accessories

Benefits of DIY Toys and Accessories

Choosing the DIY route isn’t just about budgeting; it’s about bonding. Creating toys and accessories lets you ensure they suit your dog’s temperament. Additionally, there’s an unmatched joy when your furry pal finds happiness in something you’ve crafted.

Understanding the Preferences of Cockapoos

Cockapoos have a unique set of preferences. They adore mental challenges just as much as they love running around. Their toys and accessories should reflect this combination of intellect and energy.

3. Creating DIY Cockapoo Toys

Types of Toys Cockapoos Love

From toys that challenge them mentally, like puzzle toys, to physical games like fetch, there’s a wide array of options. Incorporate toys that stimulate both their brain and body for a balanced playtime.

Simple Toy Ideas

A tennis ball inside a sock can become a new fetching obsession! Or try freezing treats inside ice cubes for a refreshing and entertaining snack. Got old shirts? Braid them into a robust tug-of-war rope.

Materials to Avoid

Plastics that aren’t pet-safe, small objects, and any toxic materials should be a no-go. Remember, whatever they play with often ends up in their mouths.

4. Designing Homemade Beds for Cockapoos

Comfort Factor

Cockapoos enjoy their beauty sleep! Craft a bed that’s a blend of luxury and comfort. Think of velvety cushions and soft linens.

Materials and Fabrics to Use

Natural materials like cotton and fleece are comfortable and gentle on their skin. Avoid synthetic fabrics which might cause allergies.

Tips for Durability

Using a double layer of fabric or adding quilted padding can increase the bed’s lifespan. Don’t forget a non-slip base for those energetic mornings!

5. Crafting Other DIY Accessories for Cockapoos

Handmade Collars

Use vibrant fabrics with quirky patterns or even incorporate their name for a personalised touch. Embellishments, however, should be sewn tightly or avoided.

Custom Leashes

A sturdy rope, some clips, and fabric can be combined to create a bespoke leash. Maybe even add a little pouch for treats or waste bags!

Bowls and Feeding Accessories

A ceramic or stainless-steel bowl can be personalised with waterproof paint. Add a mat beneath to prevent spillage messes.

6. Safety Precautions to Consider

Consistently check toys for signs of wear. Loose parts can become choking hazards. Ensure there are no sharp edges on any DIY accessory.

7. Engaging your Cockapoo with New Accessories

The secret? Rotation. Introduce a new toy and keep the older one away for a while. This keeps their interest piqued. Observe what they favour to fine-tune future creations.

8. Conclusion

Crafting for your Cockapoo is an act of love. It intertwines creativity with care, ensuring your furry mate is not just entertained, but also safe. So, let your creativity flow, and watch your Cockapoo’s eyes light up with joy!


Can I use my old sweaters for beds?

Absolutely! They can provide warmth and comfort. Just ensure they’re cleaned and any loose parts are removed.

How often should DIY toys be replaced?

It depends on wear and tear. Regular inspections will give you a better idea.

Are natural dyes safe for colouring fabrics?

Generally, yes. But always do a patch test first to ensure there’s no reaction.

Do Cockapoos have fabric allergies?

Like humans, some might. Always monitor for any reactions when introducing new materials.

How can I make toys more challenging?

Incorporate puzzles or hide treats inside to stimulate their intellect.

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