Cockapoo Barking – How to Deal with It and Stop It

  • By: Kirsty Lunn
  • Date: April 7, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

You love your cutie Cockapoo. It’s so affectionate and you can’t help but feel bad when you leave for the day. That separation anxiety kicks in and your precious pooch begins to whine, yelp and incessantly bark. But, this isn’t the only time. It also incessantly barks at what appears to be anything and everything in its field of vision.

So, how do you deal a Cockapoo barking and how do you stop it? The best management is training your dog to understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. This will include providing exercises, activities, fun and attention as well as giving them distracting treats and toys.

However, remember that Cockapoos want nothing more than to please their owner. So, it’s up to you to ensure they understand. With that in mind, know that stopping a Cockapoo from barking is a bit unreasonable. It’s in their nature to bark because it’s how they communicate.

Cockapoo barking

Indentify the Causes & Triggers

Before you develop a plan, you must first identify the causes and triggers. When you can get your dog to bark for appropriate reasons, like in the case of a burglar, then the barking can not only be useful, but life-saving.

So, first observe the dog with a keen eye and pay attention to everything going on. Don’t try to discipline or stop it yet. You have to look at everything in the environment. See if any of the following are factors influencing this behavior:

  • Are there any loud noises outside or inside the house?
  • Does the dog see other animals, people or other objects moving by?
  • Are you about to leave the house?
  • Is anyone arguing, yelling or playing loud music?
  • Does the dog appear injured, hurt or in pain?
  • Has your dog always barked like this or is this new?
  • Is the dog bored, anxious or trying to intimidate someone/something?
  • Does your dog think that there is impending danger?

Handling Various Causes

The moment you hear excess barking, make sure there isn’t real danger approaching. The instinct of a Cockapoo is to protect its home and family, so they will bark when an intruder is afoot. But, if it’s just the mailman, then you have to train the dog to stop this.

If you have a puppy, start training the dog to understand acceptable behavior and taking it to obedience classes. However, if your dog is older and this is new, it could be hurt or in pain. Therefore, take your Cockapoo to the vet; you want to rule out medical causes.

Basic Training & Techniques to Prevent Cockapoo Barking

When you notice your dog barking for some frivolous reason, you have to be firm. Don’t yell, physically punish or neglect the dog. However, ensure your voice is stern and solid, commanding, “No!” Then, recoil your affection by turning your back or walking away.

After awhile, your Cockapoo will recognize the pattern. Only when the dog restrains itself from barking should you reward it with treats and reassurance. In the case of separation anxiety, give the pup plenty of toys, games and activities that will be all encompassing. When getting ready to leave, use these to divert the dog’s attention and then slowly bow out.

Final Thoughts

Even though it’s rare for a Cockapoo to be a barker, it does happen. Regardless, it’s important to pinpoint the cause and then decide how to handle it from there. First, make sure it’s not a real threat or a medical issue. Then, it will be a matter of training and removing the triggers.

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