How Does The Fur Of A Cockapoo Change With Age?

  • By: Kirsty Lunn
  • Date: April 7, 2022
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One of the features that dog owners love about Cockapoos is how this mixed breed can come in various different colors, from blonde to black. However, a lot of people are curious about the dog’s unique coat and wonder “how does the fur of a Cockapoo change with age?

The Poodle dog has a gene that causes its fur to fade as it ages. This gene is also passed on to Cockapoos, causing their fur to change as they grow from a puppy into an adult dogs. Dog owners have also noticed a change in the fur’s texture, as it gets thicker as the Cockapoo ages.

There is a chance that a Cockapoo may look different once it grows. On this page, we’re going to discuss how the coat of a Cockapoo is likely to change as it ages. Keep reading to learn more.

How Does the Fur of a Cockapoo Change With Age?

The Cockapoo is a mixed breed that comes from a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. Poodles have a fading gene that can be passed down to Cockapoos and other hybrid breeds that come from Poodles. The fading gene isn’t present in every Cockapoo, but it is a very common trait. There only needs to be one fading gene present for the Cockapoo’s fur colour to change with age.

Only certain types of Poodles are affected by the fading gene. While red, black, and brown Poodles have fur that changes as they age, other colours (white, silver, apricot, etc) typically keep their colouring. The same can’t be said for Cockapoos, as all shades of Cockapoos are at risk of inheriting the fading gene.  

Cockapoos that have the fading gene will typically have a coat that starts to fade once they reach 6 months of age. However, the fading process doesn’t happen quickly. It usually happens very gradually over the span of a few years. It may not be until your Cockapoo is a couple of years old that you notice that its coat isn’t as vivid as it once was.

fur of a cockapoo change

How Else Does a Cockapoos Fur Change?

It’s not just the colouring of a Cockapoo’s coat that dog owners notice is different. With many Cockapoo dogs, the texture of the fur changes. While a Cockapoo may appear to have fine fur that’s easy to manage when it’s a puppy, that can change as it becomes an adult. 

As Cockapoos age, their fur becomes thicker. When this happens, dog owners will be able to feel the difference at the roots of the coat. Once your Cockapoos fur changes, you may have to change the dog’s grooming routine to prevent mats in its fur. This will involve more frequent brushing and a good quality anti-tangle dog conditioner.

Some dog owners worry about how much maintenance their Cockapoo’s fur will be once it becomes thick. While it will take more routine, the fur is manageable. Many Cockapoo owners have good success keeping their dog’s fur long and groomed using a rake brush and working their way from the paws up. 

Final Thoughts

How does the fur of a Cockapoo change with age? When a Cockapoo ages, its fur is likely to change. If your Cockapoo puppy has a vivid coat, it may become a paler colour as the dog ages.

Cockapoo dogs commonly inherit a fading gene from the Poodle. This causes their fur to fade in colour as the dog gets older. Keep in mind, that this happens to most Cockapoos, but not all of them. Cockapoos also develop thicker fur as they age, which requires more grooming.  

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