Do Cockapoos Like Water? Can They Swim?

  • By: Kirsty Lunn
  • Date: April 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Cockapoos need exercise to stay happy and healthy, which has dog owners looking for different activities their furry friends might enjoy. During the warmer months, you may find yourself asking “do Cockapoos like water? Can they swim?

Most Cockapoos love being in the water, however, every dog needs to be determined individually. If a Cockapoo is introduced to water activities at a young age, it may grow into an excellent swimmer. 

Do you want to take your Cockapoo to the beach this summer? On this page, we’re going to discuss if Cockapoos enjoy being in the water and how good of swimmers they are. Keep reading to find out more.

Do Cockapoos Like Water?

Cockapoos are known to enjoy the water and this can go back to the breeds that created this dog. As you may know, the Cockapoo is a hybrid breed coming from Poodles and Cocker Spaniels. While the Cockapoo is likely to carry more traits from one of the dogs from breeding, both Poodles and Cocker Spaniels enjoy being in the water.

Poodles are natural swimmers. An interesting fact about this breed is that they have webbed feet, which makes it easier for them to swim. Some Cockapoos even inherit this trait. If your Cockapoo doesn’t inherit the webbed feet, they won’t affect its swimming capabilities.

Your Cockapoo may carry more traits from the Cocker Spaniel breed. While the Cocker Spaniel wasn’t bred to be a natural swimmer, this breed is fond of being in the water. The Cocker Spaniel was originally bred to be a hunting dog and it would go hunting in the water with its owners. This is why many Cocker Spaniels today are excited to go in the water.

Can Cockapoos Swim?

Cockapoos generally make good swimmers, but you will have to train them. It’s important to introduce the Cockapoo to water at a young age so it’s comfortable to go swimming. Some Cockapoos don’t like the water, and this is because they weren’t introduced to it as a puppy.

Keep in mind, that a Cockapoo is better off when swimming in warm water. Cockapoos only have a single coat, unlike other breeds that have a double coat. For this reason, they don’t enjoy swimming in cold water. If the water is too cold, it will affect the dog’s skin and cause it to shiver. 

When you want to teach a Cockapoo how to swim, it’s important that you are patient with it. Dogs respond to your attitude, especially during training. If you’re patient with your dog now while training, you could have a Cockapoo that swims as well as a dolphin. It’s important to make sure your Cockapoo views swimming as an enjoyable activity, and not something that causes you frustration.

Final Thoughts

Do Cockapoos like water? Can they swim? Yes! Cockapoos love spending time playing and swimming in the water. Once you train a Cockapoo to enjoy water activities, it won’t want to spend time on land. However, every Cockapoo is different. While most enjoy swimming, some Cockapoos aren’t as fond of the water. This is why it’s important to introduce your dog to water while it’s a puppy.

Keep in mind, that an older Cockapoo who has never been swimming won’t automatically reject the water. It’s still possible to train an adult Cockapoo to swim, but it may take more work. Cockapoos are generally good swimmers because this hybrid breed comes from two breeds that enjoy the water. Poodles are natural swimmers and Cocker Spaniels have been bred throughout history to hunt in the water. 

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