Is a Boy or Girl Cockapoo Better?

  • By: Kirsty Lunn
  • Date: April 5, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

So, you’ve decided you want to get a Cockapoo for a canine companion. They’re beautiful, loyal, friendly and they make great guard dogs without being mean or intimidating. But, you have one burning question: is a boy or girl Cockapoo better?

In short, there is no difference. It will come down to your preferences and purposes for having the dog. Both males and females, when properly trained, are excellent family dogs. Both can go hunting or hiking and either will be excellent in the way of protection and guardianship.

Having said that, it’s important to study the differences between each gender so you can decide which will be right for you and your home. It may be you want to have one of each!

Differences between Boy or Girl Cockapoos

While there isn’t much distinction between boy and girl Cockapoos, there are some personality and temperament characteristics to note. These are very slight, but owners of this breed do notice the following:



Love attention and great affection

Not nearly as affectionate as boys

Larger and taller than female counterparts

Not as interested in attention and love as boys

Relaxed, calm and friendly

Gets along with other Cockapoos

Gets along well with other dogs

Likes children, cats and human companionship

Good around children and cats

More independent and somewhat difficult to train

Relatively easy to housebreak

Tends to hump things out of a need for dominance

Territorial and can be aggressive

Tends to be a prima donna and acts spoiled


Matures faster than boys


Can be a little moody and distant

Further Considerations in Cockapoo Genders

Regardless of gender, you must be consistent with training. Cockapoos get distracted easily and if they find something more interesting, they won’t listen well to commands.

Another thing is whether you want to breed the dogs or not. Of course you won’t do this right away, but it may be something you want to do down the line. So, you have to think about spaying (females) or neutering (males).

Intact Boy and Girl Cockapoos

This means that intact boys or girls will have their own special sets of issues you should consider. For example, girls will go in heat twice per year. This means she’ll not only menstruate but she will also try to escape.

Likewise, intact boys want to mark their territory by urinating on . . . well . . . everything. Plus, they can be highly aggressive due to the strong levels testosterone. This also means that fertile females in the area may become a target when they want to find a potential mate.

Other Dogs You Have

Another consideration you’ll have to mull over is if you already have a dog living in your home. Whatever the gender is of that dog, you should get the opposite in a Cockapoo. This will make them less likely to fight and vie for attention.

You can have two of the same gender, it’s just going to be a little difficult to quell rivalry on occasion. However, it’s not a good idea to house two female Cockapoos together. But, there are some ways you can control this. For instance, establish the alpha and ensure the other dogs understand their place in the pack.

boy or girl

Final Thoughts

The differences suggested above are merely generalizations and of course there will be exceptions to every rule. Each Cockapoo has its own personality and they won’t check off every box in regards to gender-specific character traits. Regardless, it’s important to be aware of them when deciding on which to get.

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